Hey. Thanks for checking me out. I’ve always been drawn to photography both still and moving and love editing. I slowly collected my equipment during the pandemic and have been waiting to get going.  

Patrick O'Keeffe
photo credit: my darling daughter <3

I absolutely love reviewing a photo I’ve taken of someone that they like and see the expression on their face. Capturing a moment in someone’s life, something they might never have seen or know could exist, then being able to share that with a person is a truly moving experience. 

Flipping through photo albums has been a shared family past time for decades. Now, we share them on our phones, laptops or iPads. Anyway you share an image of someone, or their children or grandchildren is truly magical. 

As a new business, I am still working out my details, prices, packages etc, and will be needing some test models. If you are interested in some headshots, general photo shoot, social media profile photos, LinkedIn etc. please connect and we’ll figure something out.

I’m still working on finding a studio space so shoots are outdoors or inside any space you find.

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